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Eco/Sustainable Communities

The term “sustainable communities” has various definitions, but in essence refers to communities planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living. Sustainable communities tend to focus on environmental and economic sustainability, urban infrastructure, social equity, and municipal government. The term is sometimes used synonymously with “green cities,” “eco-communities,” “livable cities” and “sustainable cities.” We will also produce products and services with our communities to meet local and global needs.

With the current economic, financial and racial environment in the U.S. and Europe, people are looking for more options outside of the U.S. to live. We have located the best places in West Africa for Americans to live a better quality of life. Senegal, The Gambia and Ghana locate in in beautiful West Africa are places that have experience long term stability and peace. These are beautiful tropical countries with beautiful beaches and rich culture. In these countries there is no racial divide or over policing of communities because these are black nations governed by black people. Here you will find no gun violence and crime consist mostly of low level violations. These are extraordinary place to live a higher quality of life.

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