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This property is located in the The Gambia W. Africa. This is where

Author Alex Haley traced his roots. The story of Kunta Kinte took

place here. Located 168 miles SE of Dakar, Senegal. Gambia's population

consist mostly of English speaking Africans making it easy of you to understand the culture without the frustration of not knowing the language. Individuals who are interested in the compound will purchase one of our packages.


Starting at $599 for single occupancy $1099 for family packages. You are responsible for your own air fair. This includes 7 nights & 8 days accommodations at our comfortable 5 bedrooms, 2 full and two half baths compound. We are located 7 mins walk from the beach. Our compound has several beautiful palm trees from Ghana, a tangerine and a banana tree.

This also includes transportation, nightly turn-down service i.e. maid, personal guide, and internet service. Additional trip packages are James Island (slave post), The Secret Island, Kachikally Crocodile pits and returning home ceremony.

Grand courtyard
Courtyard Video
Lower Patio Video

The Gambia

West Africa
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 Picture view gallery
Backyard \ Green house area
Lower Patio 
2nd Fl. 3 Beds 2 1/2 Bath
2nd Fl. Full w/ Bath
2nd Fl. Patio Lounge
Upper Patio Video
Upper Patio Video
Upper Patio Video
Upper Patio Video
Upper Hall Patio
You  are responsible for your own airfare. You will fly in to  Senegal Dakar. We will provide transportation to and from The Gambia which is 170 miles south.  There is no visa required for travel to Senegal. However, you will need a visa to enter The Gambia the cost is 40 dollars and you can obtain this at the Gambian boarder.


Invest in IRA Eco Farm


This garden will feature two chicken coop capable of holding 2500 Chicken, 100 Banana Trees, 10 goats etc. This will be a model for a farmers market. This project i 45 percent complete and will generated income for the Invest Relocate Africa team members


Chicken Coop Construction





Yearly earning potential 200k

Lease Or Own Your Own EcoFarm

Row Garden - Hydro Garden - Aquaponics Garden

We are  offering long term and short term invest opportunities. Your investment has the potential to grow in to a small fortune for several factors. There is a high demand for domestic production

of agricultural good. 

High Demand for Supply

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