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Mass Kwesi OJI Boyd Njie

  Kwesi Boyd is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur. This father of 9 was born and raised in New Haven, CT. He moved to Atlanta, GA, in 2002, where he built a successful national income tax business called U.S. Tax Associates, where he trains individuals on how to start their own online income tax service. He has also developed a clothing line that he manufactured overseas. After  26 years in business, he realized the barriers in America were too great to overcome


After being invited by Akon to meet his clothing business manager in Atlanta, Mr. Boyd set his sights on Africa. He then established Invest Relocate Africa, a relocation service based in The Gambia W. Africa—dealing in import-export, financial services, and business management systems. Mr. Boyd has a wide range of business experience. Mr. Boyd has built multiple businesses, including clothing manufacturing, vacation properties, digital currency asset investing, and more. He is currently working to develop a blockchain business app that will support thousands of business owners globally over the next five years.

C.E.O. Invest Relocate Africa
Outsource Services
Land & Business acquisition
Business development

Me and my first group of students. In The Gambia I have trained over 100 Gambian's on business and organization. They would assist in building the system that would support the movement of two of the most influential brands here in The Gambia.


Me at Black Acres 2018 before they started their channels 

Two of my top student at my compound 2018

Me at my compound with the brother that help me start our here.


Jallow family works with us many years


Me in Senegal in 2016


My first wife sitting. We have two children.

Juliet Ryan Bla-Xit
Largest Diaspora Land Saler
Former Business manager
450 members
1000 land sold

Formerly the biggest Youtuber in Gambia


Jambanjelli with Juliet Ryan and some of the first land buyers. I left the BlaXit organization after a difference in management style.


Juliet Ryan, Gibbi Njie, and I at African Properties are counting money for land purchased from clients. We started to see problems in the process early on. Gibbi and I worked 24 - 7 while with Bla Xit to see that the movement can flourish.


Several team members at MIT which is the institute for Indian technology at Kairaba Avenue. We did a free training program there for students looking to learn organization, in  2020.

Art Cathey Heals
Business manager (Kwesi Boyd)
Largest Economic community

550 member
50 investors
250 investment pledges
2.1 million land deal
5 million community purchasing power

art cathey.jpg

Art Cathy is a media training activist that has a Successful wholistic company. She is a hard-hitting sister who deals with issues most are not willing to address. She produced the largest economic group here in The Gambia. 


We were in the process of launching a youtube network that would have united and support new content creators coming in from diaspora.   

Copy of Art Cathey Vacation  Property  ghana town.png

Me and my son Alasan In Ghana

A sister and her daughter when they first came into the Gambia two years ago 2019.


My team and I are on my balcony at my compound in Brusubi The Gambia what's after. We've hosted many high-level profile people from this location.

Me and one of my team members at our downtown location. This was the afro Chic Lounge created by Art Cathy's vision. Me and my team executed and bring the vision to life.


I and my team am on my balcony at my compound in Brusibi The Gambia what's after. We've hosted many high-level profile people from this location.


Me with my team doing some management and executive directives and processes at my house. 


Elvin of Elvin's BNB and two of my loyal team members. Elvins came over and live with me for 1 year before starting his business.


Ghana town location. This was a vacation property Art Cathey Heals. 

Outside Front Yard Ghana town.png

Vacation property in Ghana Town for repats. It was shut down by false accusation. 

Afro Sheek Ghana town.png

Afro Sheek lounge envisioned my Art Cathey. We worked together to find the items to create this vision based on Morrocan and African culture. 

Question and Answers with Mass Kwesi

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Question 1

What was life like for you growing up?

I came up in a single-parent home. The neighborhood was good in the early years and like many urban communities, things turned for the worst during the drug epidemic of the 80ies. I and many other brilliant young black man fell victim to the streets. At the age of 29, I relocated to Atlanta where I got married and change my life. I raised a family of 5 in Atlanta and built a successful financial service business. This was 19 years ago.  

Question 2 

What is the number one problem facing diaspora in repatriation?

      Housing and Employment
      We can not come over with a consumer mindset. Our business and professional class should take on the responsibility for solving social issues that we face as diaspora and continental Africans.

Question 3

Do you see people organizing on the ground?

     You will find that everyone is doing their own thing. Most of it is rooted in self-interest. Not that there is something wrong with that however I think the role that we have requires a group undertaking. 

Question 5 

Why did you start a Youtube channel?

I had my channel for four years and used it mostly for videos that would be attached to my website. However, recently I have been pushed in front of the youtube limelight by working with two top youtube here in The Gambia as the business manager. There is a high demand for people in the diaspora to see what is happening on the ground. So I have been here for several years doing work in the background and I think people need to see real progress and community development. 


Question 6 

What do you think about all the drama that is taking place on Youtube?

      It's good entertainment. I think social media has allowed us to communicate like never before. However, it can be a major distraction on many levels. The greatest benefit of the movement that I see is that it is showing Africa to the world in a way like never before.  I focus on working with the people that are really looking to get out of America and have passed the point of gossip, personal jealousy, and petty hate. 

Question 7 

What is the biggest adjustment someone would make coming from the diaspora to Africa?

     The biggest adjustment one would have to make would relate to jobs and development. There are no jobs here. we have to create jobs. The roads are something that we can take for granted in the states. if you love fast food you going to get a culture shock. 


Question 8

How is the education system?

 It is substandard like everything in most African countries. however, we have created an education steering committee that will address the educational needs of our community.

Question 9

What business are you currently engaged in?

Better Business Solutions where we assist in the development of the business systems.

Do you need assistance in forming a business plan?

Do you need a website?

From business plans, project management plans, Financial statements, accounting, Social Media Marketing, and travel/relocation service. 

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