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              Agriculture, ENERGY,                              Transportation and more.

Are you looking to explore Africa? If the answer is yes, then let us assist you. We offer trip packages, relocation set up, passport service, international job placement and more. We also have opportunities in import/export distributing products in U.S. and Africa. Let's work together and invest in this emerging market. Contact us today.

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Save 50% to 70% on Webdesign, Data Entry, social media marketing and more.
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Invest Relocate Africa's Exe. Dir. Mass Kwesi & Exe. Sec. Comm. Pascal Jatta
AFRICA welcome U.S. Blacks as lost family
How our people in AFRICA handle conflict
IRA Resorts 2018 Vision 
Luxury and Sustainability
Single $1999 Double $2999
5 star service
All inclusive
5 Mins from beach - Full service spa  - Welcome Home Ceremony -  Kunta Kinte island - Secret Island - Ancestry search - Goree Island (Door of no Return) - African Renaissance Monument - Crocodile Pit Kachicalli and more.

Black Acres (Land development project)

This land is owned by the man in the black hat. The water is actually the board and behind the cameraman is over 800 acres of land for development. He has is town laid out which is self-sustaining. We are looking for professionals in every endeavor to join us in building countries, cities, and towns.

Invest Relocate Africa (Solar Farm project)

This solar device will have the ability to power up to 5 cell phone device. The Gambia power system has become very stable however, we want free power. This program is the initial phases of the large solar farm projected in 2020.

LUXURY BALCONY - Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner overlooking our beautiful courtyard and Garden area. Relax and read during the day and at night dine under the beautiful night sky of W. Africa. You will see and hear several species of bird's who inhabit and visit the plants and fruit trees in the courtyard. You will see an abundance of fruit and medicinal trees ranging from mango, Moringa, cashews, orange, pear, and coconut palm trees and more.   


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Hydroponics &  Aquaponics

 and food production

Africa imports 35 

billion dollars 

annually in food

products. As a result,

We are investing in rice,

flour, cooking oils,

cashews, aqua and

hydroponics system,

Banana trees, various 

mango trees, food

processing and food


Outsource Service

Buy land in Africa

Travel & Relocation

We offer back office support for businesses in the U.S. and UK. We can meet the diverse needs of business operating in a global market.   

We offer assistance in finding properties for lease, homes and land for purchase in Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Conakry and Ghana.

We offer Travel and relocation service. If you are looking to travel to Africa or anywhere in the world one of our travel agents can assist you.

Precious Metals

Invest Relocate Africa has invested in mining operations in W. Africa of gold and other precious metals. This investment will add to revenue and investor dividends.   

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Community Store

We are currently operating a online store that provide the basic necessities for our members here in W. Africa. U.S. and U.K. We are projected to open a retail store in March 2019..  

Community Bank

We offer investment opportunities and community banking services to our community member. Here we pool our resources for redistribution in our community. 

Left to right M. Faal (Treasury) S. Darob (Agriculture) A. Njie (Exe. assistant) I. Joof (Webdesign date base) A Tralley (Hospitality) P. Jatta Exe. Communications Mass Kwesi Exe. Dirctor. 

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Rice Oil Flour

The Gambia has one of the highest per capita consumption rates of rice in the region.  Local production only accounts for a small fraction of the amount of rice consumed and most of the rice consumed is, therefore, imported.  Given the high population growth rate (about 3 percent per annum), the demand for imported rice will remain strong.  This is a good opportunity for US rice exporters.  US rice is already being consumed in significant quantities.

The Gambia is an increasingly urban population.  Urbanization is a major determinant of processed food demand.  US exporters are already present in the rice and flour market in the country.  Other processed food commodity opportunities also exist.

One of the main constraints facing the agricultural sector is the lack of irrigation technology.  This means that there is an untapped demand for irrigation equipment in the short term (within the year).  These include centrifugal water pumps, submersible water pumps, drip irrigation system and other irrigation fittings.

Labor- saving agricultural machinery also provides opportunities for US exporters.  Tractors, power tillers, ploughs, sprayers and harvesters are being used in commercial farms.  While the current market is dominated by Indian and Chinese imports, a quality niche market may exist with investments in the medium term (one-to-two years).

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