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                                                                      Vacation  Property

                                                                   Partnership Agreement


This Partnership Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into this ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________, 2017 (the “Effective Date”).  The partners in this agreement are as follows

Prospect Name


The partners agree to the following:



This Partnership will be known as Relocate Invest Africa Vacation Property (the “Partnership”)


The Partnership:


The Partners wish to become legal partners in business.

The terms and conditions of their Partnership will be outlined in this Agreement.


If the Agreement is executed, the Partnership will be in effect on June 7, 2017.


The Partnership will only be terminated as outlined in this Agreement.


The Partnership’s primary place of business will be 4214 ALVESTON DR ATLANTA GA 30349.


The Partnership will be governed under the laws of the state of Georgia.


The Partnership’s primary purpose is marketing/selling Vacation Rental in The Gambia W. Africa.




The Partners will make an initial contribution to the Partnership as follows:


Investor One:                                 2500


Contributions will be submitted no later than June 7th, 2017.  All capital contributions are final unless all partners give written

consent of withdrawal.  All contributions will be deposited into a joint capital account.


Interest and Authority:


The Partners’ ownership interest in the Partnership will be as follows:


Prospect Name                                    33%


The Partners’ authority will be defined by the following unless otherwise stated in the Agreement: Any decisions requiring a

contract or otherwise will require a unanimous vote by all Partners.




The Partners will share costs according to the following percentages:


Prospect Name                                    33%




The Partners will share the net profits of the Partnership according to the following percentages:


Prospect Name                                    33%


The Profits will be distributed every week once operation began. All owners will have access to financial records.


Partner Roles:


Management Roles:


Quacy Boyd, Lisa Ndey Fall and Pascel Jatta_will be responsible for all day to day operations i.e. Marketing and booking compound.




All accounts related to the Partnership including contribution and distribution accounts will be audited quarterly.


All Partners will maintain a joint contribution account.  All Partners will maintain a joint distribution account.  Partners will keep accurate and complete books of account for all accounts related to the Partnership.  Any Partner, whether majority or minority, will be allowed to review all books of account at any time they request.


Accounting records will be kept on a cash basis.


The fiscal year will be complete on December first of each year.  All Partners will present their position on the state of the Partnership within two weeks of the completion of each fiscal year.



Should the Partnership be dissolved by unanimous vote, the Partnership will be liquidated, and the debts will be paid.  All the remaining funds after debts have been paid will be distributed based on the percentage of ownership interest outlined in this Agreement.


Quacy Boyd    (CEO)                                                 Prospect Name


____________________________                            ______________________________

 Vice President



                                                                                                    Transitional House

                                                                         Yearly Income Statement


52 weeks by $500 weekly Rental =              26,000

Tours                                                                      5,200

Transportation                                                  24,000

Green houses      to be discussed

Land Sales            to be discussed

Total income                                                                  45,200


Compound                                                  4,500

Electricity                                                    2,000

Internet                                                       1,000

Furniture                                                     1,000

Employees                                                   3,000

Misc.                                                              4000

Vehicle cost                                                 6000

Total yearly Cost                                                           21,500

Net Income                                                                 $33,700


Each investor has access to the residences at any time provided that no other investor is booked for the same time frame. We will have a positive yearly cash flow of $39,700 each year.

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