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Are you looking to travel to Africa? Are you thinking about relocating there within the next few years? If the answer is yes, then let us assist you. We offer several services that will alleviate the headache of planning internationally travel. We offer trip packages, relocation set up, passport service, international job placement and more. We also have opportunities in import/export distributing products in U.S. and Africa. Let's work together and invest in this emerging market. We would like to assist you in making your investment in Africa a success. Contact us today.
Our Products and Services
AFRICA welcome U.S. Blacks as lost family
How our people in AFRICA handle conflict
Why Invest in Africa?

Moringa the Miracale Tree

90 different types of Nutrients  
46 Antioxidants 36 Different
Anti-Inflammatory Agents
18 Amino Acids and 9 Essential Amino Acids
10x the Vitamin A of carrots
17x the Calcium of milk
15x the Potassium of bananas
25x the Iron of spinach
9x the Protein of yogurt
4x more Fiber than oats Anti-diabetic Anti-hypertensive Anti-tumor 1000x more Zeaten than any other plant for younger looking skin..

Woman Moves to Ghana

Women gives testamonial on how moving to Ghana
West Africa has transformed her life. Dispite
the requests from family members in the US
to stay she has layed a foundation 
to the point that those same family members
are now visiting and see Africa as a viable option
to relocate.

Emerging Markets - Emerging Markets - Africa has long been a super power rich in resources and culture. Africa is a prime location for development being that it is under 10 % developed. China is developing roads and a rail systems that will cause an rapid increase in trade.

Humanitarian - The most under valued resource on the is Africa is it people. Under development have created low literacy rates, rampant poverty and strife. Many basic skill sets could improve the quality of the people there substantially. . 

Free society - There are many people who are choosing to move to Africa to escape the turmoil of superficial and material societies. Africa is growing and many nationalities are migrating there as an alternative to the hustle and instability of western life.

Sustainable Communities – Imagine a life without utilities bills, little to no cost food, and income streams built in to the whole system. Living off the grid allows you to accomplish this. This is the best way to prepare of a clean and sustainable future.. 

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