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Decentralized Autonomous Community





ECO-Sustainable Community

We at Diaspora Communities look to provide housing for diasporas looking to repatriate to the beautiful country of The Gambia located in West Africa.

The problem with buying land here in Africa is that the land is usually in a community where there is no complete development plan. As a result, this leads to communities with no roads, no lights, and partially developed communities with new homes set next to empty lots. We are going to use the co-op model to build our community. We are looking for real estate developers interested in assisting in a complete community build. 

Through our Land development program, we will build strategic relationships with a community in The Gambia to build opportunities for the locals

We will also set up programs to educate and empower the local community. 

What is a DAO community?
The term DAO stands for the Decentralized autonomous organization and can be described as an open-source blockchain protocol governed by a set of rules created by selected members that automatically execute certain actions without the need for intermediaries

A decentralized autonomous organization or a Dao is a blockchain-based form of organization or company that is often governed by a native crypto-Turkin token anyone who purses a whole the token games that ability to vote on important matters directly related to the Dao

Meaning of d an o is an acronym for decentralized autonomous organization a set of smart contracts developed on the Ethereum blockchain

Our developments will feature a clubhouse. This is a place where you can enjoy events with your friends and family. It will include

Basketball and
Technical tennis court
Full Spa
Business Center
Swimming Pool
and more.

It would also have completely paved roads and street lights. We will also create industry so that we can live and work in their environment without having to go miles away from our homes for work and basic everyday necessities.

We are seeking $1,000,000 in start-up funding to meet all legal requirements and complete the first phase of the community build project. 

First Phase
Roadmap to success

Acquire land
Develop Land
Build Wall
Build Industrial Park
Build Clubhouse
Build 2 bed model house 1
Build 3 bed model house
Build 4 bed model house

This is our road map to success.

Set up a board of trustees 50% complete
Apply Board of trustees
Set up a team of lawyers 20% complete
Set up a Trust 
Get Tax ID in the Gambia
Set up Trust in the Gambia
Set up Business license 
Set up Escrow

Create a Land development plan
Get 100 House build pledges

Set up Banker
Set up Developer
Get the list of purchasers
Purchase land

Set up a Team of lawyers (legal Team)
Due to fierce competition and the complexity of the legality of dealing in a foreign nation, we must have a team of lawyers on the ground who are ready to assist in the accusation of land and other issues arising out of the repatriation and land process. If you are a lawyer and wish to join the legal team,

Set up a Board of Trustees
A board of trustees is an appointed or elected group of individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of an organization. The board of trustees is typically the governing body of an organization and seeks to ensure the best interest of stakeholders in all types of management decisions.

Set Up A Trust
A trust is a three-party financial arrangement where one party (the trustor) gives a second party (the trustee) the ability to hold assets or property for a third party (the beneficiary).

Get Tax ID in the Gambia
Allows our trust to operate as a business in the Gambia. it also allows us to set up banking relationships.

Set Up Trust in the Gambia
This trust will protect our interest in The Gambia

Set up escrow local a bank
Escrow is the term used when assets are held by a neutral third party on behalf of two contracting parties, subject to a transaction (such as a contract of sale) between them being completed until certain obligations or conditions under the agreement have been met.

Create a Land development plan
Work with a city planner to come up with a modern community

Create a Sustainable community model 
A community of builders that see the importance of collaborative efforts. 

Set up banker
The bank will assist in seeing that all funds are safe from arbitrary decisions and mismanagement. 

Go into a strategic partnership with the Developer
The developer will finance or assist in the financing of a community build model. 

Get the list of purchasers
Create alike to build a home where we will get the community members to commit to a community build. This will then be presented to a builder for funding.

Bring submitted list for financing


Build your home
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