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Here In this video Art Cathey and Mass Kwesi explore the idea of building

 an economic community using the vacation property business model..  

Here is how we will grow our community without the politics (Poly Tricks) that come with Centralized leadership. 

Leadership Decentralized

Our system of governance that gives power to the community,

not one person or small group of people.



Collective decision making governance body. Community App

Sign up and vote on important decision making processes


The rules and regulations that will maintain our economic community. 


Protocols and Procedures. 

Vacation property rental is a

300 Billion Dollar

a year industry

This business model solves two problems:

Housing and Employment 

for Repatriates

25% Percent of our occupancy will be reserved

for investor members and their families. 

We will offer career path opportunities for individuals 

that are interested in living and working in a community of

like minded individuals

We will provide room and board in one of our vacation property hubs

for 20 hours of labor (sweat-equity). You create your own schedule.


Year One: Entry level

               Year Two: Management level

           Year Three: Executive level

Career Path Opportunities 
  • Housing Development
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food Service
  • And much more
Our Community Properties
 5 Bed Compound Brusubi
This property features 4 private balconies and a front and back courtyard. It is located 7 minutes from the beach
AC Living room Updated.jpg
2 Bedroom Luxury Apartment
This property is located in the popular Senegambia main tourist area. There are shops and restaurants within walking distance. 

2020 Vision
Black Wall Street Philosophy
5 Bedroom Brufut
This property is located in Brufut which is located 10 mins from the beach. This
property features an Afro lounge and Patio area. Have breakfast, lunch or
Dinner while enjoying the stars.. 
Brufut Living Dining.jpg
8 Bedroom Mini Hotel & Store
This property is located in Bakoteh 5 minutes drive from Serrekunda. There are shops and restaurants within walking distance. This property also has a Shop attached. This is what you see to the right under construction. 
Solving 2 Major Problems in repatriation
Housing and Employment
We will build a community of repatriates set on top of the vacation property rental industry. This 300 billion dollar industry will allow us to provide short and long terms stays for repatriates. In addition, providing career opportunities and housing for repatriates. 

Phase 1 (Vacation properties)
We will also create employment for the brothers and sisters in The Gambia. We have developed a sustainable community economic model on top of the booming vacation property Industry. The global vacation properties rental industry is a 300 billion dollar industry. We need business professionals of all ages to come and build our eco-community.

Phase 2 (Story Building and Commercial Properties)
Is to scale to story buildings that will host visitors  and residence while bringing  commercial value in the form of retail outlets. Serving the need of our community and the community at large. Restaurants, supermarkets and clothing stores will be amongst our brands. This is similar to the Co op model.
In this model we have incorporated a value financial system where we can exchange products and services. Creating our currency. A person would earn community credit for services rendered or products. These credits can be spent in our community of business partners.

Phase 3 Land acquisition and Land development
This is where we strategically purchase land for the purpose of developing a complete Community model. Our signature communities will include all the amenities that you find in a luxury community in the States. However 30% of the land will be designated to Manufacturing, Agri storage and Agri processing. Providing jobs for 70 percent of the community. Solar farms and vertical farming will be included in the model. This will not happen without a collective effort. List your profession and see how we can work this out together.

2021 Vision
Community Bank
Vacation Property hubs
50 Properties
5 million in Asset
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