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Mass Kwesi OJI Boyd Njie

I have been involved in the clothing business since 2018 when my cousin contacted me and asked me to help him with his clothing line. I went to my aunt's house where he should be a box go about 10 tee shirts with the street alumni logo. 

I jumped on the opportunity. We begin to sell hundreds of tee shirts on the street of New Haven. We would stand in the intersection sell to people driving by. 

279751228_365753582247815_5006833474338963838_n - Copy (2).jpg

Mass Kwesi designed The Gambia. Coco Ocean beach resort photo shoot for my clothing line.


With designer friend RoderGilcrist. This is this jacket I am sporting in Atlanta


With designer friend RoderGilcrist. This is this jacket I am sporting in Atlanta

President Street Alumni Clothing 2018
Million Dollar Baby 

293106913_421277800059505_4508881509403769363_n - Copy.jpg

Photoshoot downtown New Haven, The C.E.O.. Joseph Boyd my cousin, is in black Street Alumni tee with red rhinestone, me President to far right with Street Alumni gray jean suit. All the way to the left my best friend and partner David Johnson one of the funniest people I know. 

292177549_712423906518723_7356891255950428138_n (1).jpg
291950059_743729716875779_7103814689405388081_n (1).jpg

Me and my cuz fashion show New Haven. CT 2018


Marketing photoshoot New Haven Ct 1998

292569937_371191498487273_6664799224476103732_n - Copy.jpg

Mty first office in New Haven CT 1997

291929951_533160961890129_2151139601247781206_n - Copy (3) - Copy.jpg

My partner and cousin Joe Boyd with Damond Dash and Russel Simmon 2019

Me in Senegal in 2016

291841278_469745641820219_3688029523622568412_n - Copy (2).jpg

My cousin Joe Boyd and Aritst Kalis she is know for her song Milkshake and you took my heart beat from me.

291704423_5799194470109869_6758865077592838853_n - Copy.jpg

Majic Clothing Expo Las Vegas with Esco models. Esco clothing line was started by artist Nas.


David Johnson VP Pulse Wear Alexander J FUBU, Daymond John FUBU Las Vegas 2019


Artis Kalis and I, She later dated Nasir (Nas) Jones in Las Vegas Majic show 2001

P.U.L.S.E Wear U.S.A. Clothing 2007
(Pure Urban Life Survival Equipment)
C.E.O. Mass Kwesi Boyd


My street team in Atlanta, RaRa in white Pulse Wear linen suit and hat, Barry in Pulse Wear Suit, Yung Syrus in Pulse wear shirt and cargo pants. Me in Pulse Wear Tee and Sweat pant make in Pakistan. 


Model Barry sporting the P.U.L.S.E. Wear zip down hoodie and the tee shirt printed my shop in Atlanta. 


Yung Syrus is a talented Atlanta artist. He lived with me during this time he produced the song Mayweather . A tribute to famred boxer floy meayerheat. 


To of my Atlanta models  Jason and Kegan 

157095_1750177876989_2856698_n - Copy.jpg

This is my ex wife and designer Miyoko in China source manufactures in 2010

58019_1750177436978_4934195_n - Copy.jpg

We were getting samples and products from the following countries South Korea. China. Pakistan. Domestically Orange county Los Angeles and New York Manhatten.  


Outside of the club with Floyd Mayweather. Yung Syrus waiting for a photo opt. P Reala Floyd Mayweather's right hand asked me to help organized the people that wanted to take pictures.


Me and MJG in Atlanta at Big Krit video shoot at the Blue flame in Atlanta. 2007


Photo shoot lower Manhatten my Madison Square Garden. 


Me and two of my in-house model Barry and Shareme. They would later marry and have four children. I had three houses in Atlanta and Toledo and a team of 20 people living and working with me. 


L. to R Jasmin, Tiffany nannies Monae and Jasmin interns they worked with Mioko.


The second inauguration I was living in Fairfax Virginia. We got these hoodies printed with Obama's them and went down to the national mall to sell them on this historic day. 


Pulse ware USA catalog 2010

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