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                               Invest Relocate Africa Career Path

       There will be a probationary period for 90 days before someone is select for the career path opportunity. We want to make sure that this is the right opportunity for you and the community at large.

Those that are interested in the Career Path opportunity will have the opportunity to learn valuable life building skills. We are looking for focus individuals that are looking to be leaders in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture, city planning, and more. This opportunity is based on a co-op model meaning that a candidate will be provided room and board.

Each housing member will be required to fulfill 20 hours of work in order to receive room and board. The member must also fulfill 3 hours of domestic duties. This may consist of shopping, cooking, cleaning, budgets, schedules, etc. In order to maintain the house that is being occupied. 

These hours are flexible so that if the individual has other commitments, as in work, school, etc; it would not interfere with the occupational agreement. 

If the 20 hours are not able to be fulfilled, the individual will agree to pay an agreed-upon amount, paid weekly. In addition to the 3 hours required of domestic duties.

Individuals will have three options. 12 Months, 24 Months, 36 Months contacts. The first 12 months is an entry-level position. The next 12-24 months are management, the next 24-36 months is /executive position. These agreements are done on a year to year bases. 


You will be able to earn money in several different ways with in our community

Performance Based pay

Affiliate Program

Business partnership

If you have a business we can for a partnership and we can offer you services to our community. This will give you access to 50 thousand website visitors and a community of over 100 people here in the Gambia. We are going to set up hubs in Senegal, Ghana, and Nigeria soon.


Career Path Options

1st year

In the first year, we will assist with room and board, skill set training, time management, and career/life planning. 

2nd year

In the second year, your income potential doubles while you begin to manage one of the homes and /or businesses, providing additional income streams.  At this level, by the end of the 24 months, you should be prepared and have the resources to purchase a mini home through our home purchase program as well as owning your own vehicle. At this level you will qualify for executive-level compensation, bonuses, free travel and airfare, and vacation bonuses. 

3rd year
In the third year, you should have acquired enough operational and management skills whereas we will allow for you to actually have a stake within a business or multi businesses.   At anytime the individual is free to exit this agreement and explore other ideas. There will be a probationary period before you begin to receive bi-weekly compensation. All issues will be reviewed by our advisory board in which decisions regarding matters will be made. 


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